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It's that time of year again, when the Joes ask you to dig deep for the kids, but rather than just ask for your help, they want to earn it. So Chuck and Ryan decide to tackle the topic of single item/property collecting. Some interesting discussions come up as they guys talk collections. Then for the second half of the show hear exactly what was said at the IDW panel at NYCC. It's an episode worthy of giving to the kids. Enjoy!!

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  • AliasAngelAlias

    Fantastic episode about figure collecting. Chuck, not sure if you remember my collection video, I collect GIJoe, Star Wars, Transformers, Metal Gears, Figma, Gundam, Marvel Universe, and many other anime related stuff. If you ask me to pick one line it will be a tie between Star Wars and Transformers. If someone pushes me over the edge then I have to go with Transformers. The reason is that TF always have something new to look forward to. SW stuff has been very weak this year and will be weak next year as well. Fighter Pods and SW angry birds? Come on… collectors don’t want that stuff am I right? LoL

    Which lead to a question I have for the both of you.

    Would you guys buy the Jabba’s Sail Barge if Hasbro release it? It will be as big as the Big Millennium Falcon (which is being re-release again this fall at Toys R Us in a big Vintage Collection box). XD Check out the petition link below:


    Chuck, don’t miss out on that re-release of the Millennium Falcon!

    Speaking of selling three figures to buy one expensive one… I did it and obtained Masterpiece Thundercracker and then a few days few days later; I sold my Vintage RC car and a ton of Marvel Universe action figures… which then allow me to pre-order Masterpiece Soundwave, Masterpiece Sideswipe, Fansproject Steel Core, and i-gear Hench. :)

    Question time, would you guys pick up the definitive Masterpiece Optimus Prime by Hasbro? I got the Takara Japanese version and had paid $250 for it but the Hasbro release one only $100!!! I highly recommend you do because G1 Optimus is what we all grew up watching in the 80s. Totally worth the pick up in my opinion.

    Listen Ryan, if you don’t have any room for your figures… do what I do, just rotate your displays. This is good for three reason - 1) keep your mind fresh from seeing it every single day. 2) - Your figure won’t suffer dust buildup. 3) - your guests will be surprise to see different display every visit. Check out my collection on my desk just got rotated with new figures.


    Thanks for another amazing show!

    Cheers, AliasAngelAlias

    Oct 29, 2012 at 12:10 pm