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In this episode Ryan takes two different shows and creates a hybrid. The result is a fun and informative romp through the Marvel Cosmic universe. Ryan is still hyped about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so with that he travels back to his roots in reading the Marvel Cosmic comics. It's a great episode for those who love Marvel Cosmic and for those who don't know much about this area of the Marvel Universe. Enjoy!
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In this episode of The Kessel Run, Robert and Ryan review G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #13. In this review they talk about just how awesome Stalker really is, what Rock N' Roll is shooting at, and how psychedelic military base floors can be. All of this plus the introduction of TORPEDO!! Enjoy!
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In this special episode of Previews, Robert and Ryan talk about the passing of comedian and actor, Robin Williams. They geek out over the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. They respond to listener feedback. Then it's onto business of reviewing Previews for both September and October. Then they wrap up the show with some Star Joes related news from San Diego Comic Con. It's a jam packed episode. Enjoy!!
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In this special episode of Star Joes, Chuck, Robert, and Ryan are joined by several of their listeners. During their live call in segment they are joined by Jonathan, Kevin, and Sam. Then it's onto a segment with Mr. Star Bitches himself, Jason. The guys then round out the episode with their only vocal female listener, Lee-Erin. It's quite a jam packed episode, and despite the technical difficulties surviving this episode, everyone has a blast. You will have a blast also....oh, and stay until the very end of the episode for a special little treat. Enjoy!
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Chuck and Ryan journey through the pages of Previews. They discuss the comics being released in August or later. The guys talk about the end for Star Wars at Dark Horse and the fun of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. Chuck even finds his own Sword of Power. Enjoy!
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Chuck and Ryan are back, and this time they return to what started them down this podcasting road....comics. The guys respond to listener feedback and catch up on all of the comics for G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It's classic Star Joes fun like you have always come to enjoy!
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In this episode of The Kessel Run, Ryan is joined with his co-host, Chuck, as they review G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #12 from the original Marvel run. The guys discuss the issue's tie-ins to previous stories, pimp daddy Stalker, and why you would never want to send Stalker and Breaker on an undercover mission. Enjoy!!
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The gang is all here for this return to our tangent filled "suck" episodes. Chuck, Robert, and Ryan discuss everything from what part of the Star Wars EU would they keep if they could to how much Marvel is putting into Guardians of the Galaxy as a franchise to rumors of a Marvel Comics reboot. It's a great time had by all as they saw how many tangents they could obtain. Enjoy!
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After some technical difficulties, the guys are back with a look at some upcoming comics and merchandise. And to make this episode extra special, Chuck rejoins Robert and Ryan for the fun. The guys talk about which TMNT live action movie was better, and Robert and Chuck try to derail Ryan with some Star Trek talk....they try. Enjoy!
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In this episode of the Kessel Run, Ryan is joined by his co-host Robert as they review G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #11. They are introduced to a whole group of new characters, find out just how cajun Gung-Ho really is, and discover a new mysterious enemy working in the shadows. Enjoy!
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