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This year G.I. Joe celebrated 50 years as a toyline. Robert and Ryan tackle the task of covering almost everything G.I. Joe that has come out in the last 50 years....yep, they forget a few things. But what they do remember makes for a ton of fun and a show worthy of Joe. All of this and they give their brief thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer. Enjoy!
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In this special episode of Star Joes, Ryan is joined by Shannon Gallant and Jon Thurmond as they talk about Jeremy Dale. Jeremy passed away recently, but the legacy of what he left behind in his work and his friends will never be forgotten. We celebrate his life and what he loved in this episode.
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In this episode Ryan reviews a great comic about Voltron from the past. He reviews Image's start to Voltron from 2003. Ryan also shares the sad news of a great loss in the comic creator community and what Star Joes is looking to do about it. All of this and hints of more Star Joes related episodes in the future. Enjoy!
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In this episode, Robert and Ryan hit almost every topic you can imagine. They talk about the rumors of a G.I. Joe Black Series line of toys. They cover what comics are coming out in Previews. They touch on all of the great comic book based TV shows that are out now. All of this plus a new contest to prepare for the 5 year anniversary of Star Joes!! Enjoy!!
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In what might possibly be the greatest animated episode ever, Ryan and Robert are joined by comic artist Shannon Gallant. The selection of 5 episodes they review could be the best/worst 5 episodes ever to be grouped together. It is non-stop laughs as they respond to listener feedback, find out who the viper is, and discover what can cause men to lose their free will completely. Enjoy!
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In this episode Ryan and joined by Robert to talk some Thundercats, but before they do that, Robert reacts to the last episode with talks about his sister. The guys also talk about commissions by artists and how best to handle them. Then they jump right into some awesome Thundercats action by reviewing Wildstorm's Thundercats #0. Enjoy!
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In this episode, Ryan is abandoned last minute by his normal co-hosts, Chuck and Robert, so he calls in the A-Team of Jon Thurmond and Shannon Gallant. The guys give a recap of what Baltimore Comic Con was like. They also talk about what comics they are enjoying. They close out the show talking about licensed properties in general. It's a hilarious time. Enjoy!!
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Ryan flies solo in this interview with the new writer on G.I. Joe, Karen Traviss. Karen reveals her approach to new projects, what characters she put her focus on in the new ongoing, and what other projects she has enjoyed working on. It's a great interview with a great writer from across the pond. G.I. Joe #1 comes out on September 24th. Enjoy!
Follow Karen Traviss' work: http://www.karentraviss.com/
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In this episode Ryan takes two different shows and creates a hybrid. The result is a fun and informative romp through the Marvel Cosmic universe. Ryan is still hyped about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so with that he travels back to his roots in reading the Marvel Cosmic comics. It's a great episode for those who love Marvel Cosmic and for those who don't know much about this area of the Marvel Universe. Enjoy!
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In this episode of The Kessel Run, Robert and Ryan review G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #13. In this review they talk about just how awesome Stalker really is, what Rock N' Roll is shooting at, and how psychedelic military base floors can be. All of this plus the introduction of TORPEDO!! Enjoy!
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