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In this episode Ryan is joined by Jon and Shannon to cover Previews for titles coming out in the month of February (yes, they know it's coming out later than it should). They guys talk about plans for the show for 2016, including a surprise reveal by Ryan that will mean even more Star Joes content in the year to come. All of this and the comics that may pique your interest in the coming month. Enjoy!


It's finally here. The guys get together to discuss their thoughts on the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. It all comes out in this episode, everything from the humor that was in the movie to grandpa's ashes. It's all here and it's all discussed...at times to a ridiculous too in depth of a level. Enjoy!


As Christmas fast approaches, the guys get together to talk about their favorite movies from the year 1983. Ryan, Jon, and Shannon are joined once again by Chris Haywood as they uncover what really drove Shannon to like many movies in 1983. Once again he proves that you just never know what he may say next. Enjoy!
Where you can find some of Chris' artwork: http://crashmurdoch.deviantart.com/


In this very special episode of Star Joes, Ryan, Jon, and Shannon are joined by special guest, Chris Haywood. Chris reveals his latest masterpieces in adding Jon and Shannon to the cast of characters in the logo. It's brilliant and hilarious all at the same time. The guys then talk about the rights of Indiana Jones and Shannon rants a bit about the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. It's a historical and hysterical episode you won't want to miss! Enjoy!
You can see more of Chris' art here: http://crashmurdoch.deviantart.com/


In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan goes over the Previews catalog for titles coming out in January or later. He talks about being a fan of Warcraft for a very long time and his thoughts about the lineage of adventurers in fiction. All of this plus some great comic and book recommendations for things coming out soon. Enjoy!


Introducing a new type of episode to Star Joes! In these episode Ryan will spotlight a particular character in the Star Joes Universe. He'll give you a break down of who the character is and hit most of the crucial points in their history. To kick this series off, the focus is on Snake-Eyes. Enjoy!


In this massive episode, Ryan, Robert, Jon, and Shannon respond to listener feedback. Shannon opens one of the greatest gifts he's ever received live on air. The guys pay tribute to Herb Trimpe and Earl Norem by talking about their experiences with these artists. Then the guys dive right into talking about their favorite comic artists both past and present. It's a lot to take in, but oh so worth it! Enjoy!


In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan, Jon, and Shannon recap the rest of the events from Baltimore Comic Con. They talk about the new Star Wars trailer. Jon goes on a much needed rant. And the guys give their perspectives on what a good licensed property comic needs to do and have to be successful. Enjoy!


In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan and Jon are in Baltimore for Baltimore Comic Con. Special guests Eric, Nick, and Jacob join them as they wrap up the first day events of Baltimore Comic Con. Then the group jumps head first into Robotech. This episode gives a great overview of the licensed property for those unfamiliar with it. The episode has everything you could want from talks of comic creators to fake outrage. Enjoy!


Robert and Ryan welcome Jon Thurmond and Shannon Gallant on as official co-hosts of the show this episode...God help us all. In this "suck" episode, the guys talk about a lot of Star Wars news. Jon gets REALLY excited about a Rogue One actor. Then the guys wrap up with some movie sequel talk. It's a hilarious time that will have your ass kneeling before Zod. Enjoy!

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