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In this suck-tastic episode, Ryan and Jon are joined by Travis and Nick as they talk about a variety of topics in the geek world. They discuss the controversy behind the reveal in Steve Rogers Captain America #1. They give their thoughts on DC Rebirth #1. They also give their reviews of Captain America: Civil War. All of this, plus they go over Preview solicitations for July and August. Warning: There are plenty of spoilers in this episode on all topics! Enjoy!


In this episode, Ryan and Jon are joined by guest comic creator Gregg Schigiel. Gregg tells about his experience with Star Wars and G.I. Joe. He also brings the guys up to speed on how he got involved in the Spongebob Squarepants comic series and his own creator owned comic Pix. Then all three jump into the year 1985 to talk about their favorite movies from that year. This is an episode not to be missed. Enjoy!



Jon takes the helm in this episode since Ryan couldn't make the episode. Jon is joined by Robert and Uncle Teabag, Travis, as they have a fun talk with Brian Shearer. We find out how many balls Brian can juggle, what Botcon was like for him, and about his work on William the Last, his webcomic and Kickstarter project. All of this and a special appearance at the end of the episode. Enjoy!!


In this episode, Ryan, Robert and Jon talk about the new Star Wars: Rogue One teaser trailer. They give their thoughts on what they would do if they were in charge of the G.I. Joe comic license. Afterwards they talk about DC Rebirth and the Batman v Superman movie. And if that wasn't enough, they talk about a new book about the art of Atari that is coming out this Fall. It's a big episode with something for everyone. Enjoy!


Ryan and Jon have special guests Gary and Mike from the "What's on Joe Mind" podcast for a special episode. The future state of Joe Con hangs in the balance, so we're looking for just a little help in standing with us to save it. And what would a Star Joes episode be without a good rant from Jon about his feelings about IDW's current direction with Joe? Enjoy!

The Petition to Save Joe Con and to Let Hasbro Know the Fans Care About the Future of G.I. Joe: https://www.change.org/p/hasbro-save-gi-joe


In this episode Ryan and Jon talk to a true master creator in the comic book business, Mark Waid. They explore his work on the Princess Leia mini-series, delve into his thoughts on the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, and have him settle the score finally on if Chewbacca is a sidekick. Enjoy!


In this episode of Star Joes, Jon and Ryan have to fly solo giving their favorite movies from the year 1984. They discuss the latest Ghostbusters trailer as well as talk about some other movies they have watched recently. All of this, plus a few updates about the show. Enjoy!


Many moons ago, we put Chuck through a gauntlet of questions from our listeners. We thought it only fitting to do the same to Robert. After several responses to awesome listener feedback, we put Robert to the test of answering all of your questions. Enjoy!


In this episode of Star Joes, Jon and Ryan continue their journey into the world of the Micronauts with a review of issue number two. Jon gives an update on how the most recent Virginia Con was with the myriad of guests they had. Ryan gives a few updates on what to expect ahead in the shows comic up. Then the guys dive head first into the diminutive world of the Micronauts! Enjoy!!


In this episode Ryan is joined by Jon and Shannon to cover Previews for titles coming out in the month of February (yes, they know it's coming out later than it should). They guys talk about plans for the show for 2016, including a surprise reveal by Ryan that will mean even more Star Joes content in the year to come. All of this and the comics that may pique your interest in the coming month. Enjoy!

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