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With a whole year behind them, Ryan and Chuck decide to honor those creators, comics, and characters that made these shows possible with the first annual Roadhouse Awards (aka - The Roadies)!! The guys wrap up the issues that came out in 2010, and then go over their nominations for the best and worst of 2010. The guys then finish off with their expectations for the show in 2011. I want you to "be nice" and enjoy yourselves while you listen to this great episode!!

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  • jaime

    First up Australia is NOT a trird world countrie :)

    You guy’s are 35-i’m not :)

    Tekknoman rocks,go take a look,it’s freak’in sweeeeeeeet :)

    ‘IT ROCK’ Transfomers 2007,the 2009 movie was ok i like it more than most :) I watch the Ninja Turtle movies once every few months :) & the 3 mutants name’s from tmnt 2 are TokKa ,Rahzar & Vanilla Ice.

    Ok i get i’m not seeing a Proxy any time soon but let me put this out there, can you just pick up some Thundercats toy’s :)

    Your guy’s comic reviews are great just wish i had the issues hiting us down here.

    STAR WARS on Blu ray………….the price for the Box set for us will be around $200 :( You guys should do at least one toy review per episode & talk about the news like Thundercats,any movie news for Transfomers,G.I Joe or any of the shit you follow :)

    Enhanced podcast…….hell yes,need it & i’m on Skpe :) Spotlight episodes on TMNT,Thundercats-i need to be on the show :)

    GREEN HISTORY MONTH…..luv it :) (Turtle power) :)

    Jan 29, 2011 at 4:52 am
  • jaime

    Make that 17….Gargoyles :)

    Feb 3, 2011 at 4:19 am