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In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan flies solo as he goes through the comics and collections coming out in May of 2017. He walks through the titles coming out for Free Comic Book Day and gives an update on some things to expect on the YouTube channel. All of this and where you can find him next. Enjoy!



In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan, Jon, and Shannon got over their favorite movies from the year 1986. We get some new perspective on some films that we never had before. All of this plus the winners of our contest! Enjoy!



In this special episode, Jon, Robert, and Ryan look back to the year that was 2016 for the podcast. They provide updates on things that were talked about earlier in the year and go off on some fun tangents. All of this plus Jon's review of Rogue One. Enjoy!



In this episode Ryan and Robert are joined by Travis, Eric, and Sam as they all discuss the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They also talk about the loss of Carrie Fisher. All of this plus a contest announced at the end of the episode! This is a spoiler filled episode...you have been warned. Enjoy!




In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan and Jon talk about their favorite holiday movies and TV Specials from over the years. They also give their thoughts about the new Ghostbusters movie and X-Men: Apocalypse. They wrap up the show talking about thoughts about shows for 2017! Enjoy!



In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan and Jon interview Chris Giarrusso, the creator of G-Man and the Mini Marvels. They talk about his work in comics and his passion for the Transformers. It's an amazing time as the guys geek out over cartoon episodes they remember watching as kids. Enjoy!

Chris Giarrusso's webiste: http://www.chrisgcomics.com/



In this episode Robert, Jon, and Ryan discuss and debate the most powerful superheroes in all of comics history. They delve into the characters on multiple topics such as powers, design, and cultural impact to determine who tops the list. They also respond to listener feedback, which leads to some intense Joe talk. It's a show not to miss. Enjoy!


In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan, Jon, and Shannon are joined by Travis as they talk about things that have been happening in their worlds. They catch up on some stories and then they dive head first into the Previews catalog for December. As usual, so many hilarious tangents arise that it just makes you want to go "YUM!" Enjoy!


In this massive episode of Star Joes, Ryan and Jon are joined by Robert. Robert talks about the work he has been doing. The guys talk about the movie Turbo Kid and the Netflix series Stranger Things. Then Robert and Ryan go off on a tangent about comics and the changing of characters. Enjoy!


It's the Star Joes annual pilgrimage to Baltimore Comic Con, and this year was epic as usual. Saturday night of the convention, Ryan and Jon were joined by Travis, Tony, Rock, Brian, JP, and Nick to record probably one of THE funniest episodes of Star Joes ever...though we will warn you, this is not one for the office in any way, shape, or form. Enjoy...you've been warned!

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