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The guys present an epic episode to start off the epic year of 2013. Chuck and Ryan's friends at DC Noise celebrated recently their episode 199 and 200, and the Star Joes guys were along for the ride along with many other guests. Presented here is a condensed version (if you can even believe that with how long it is) of those two episodes. Enjoy!

For the full length versions of both episodes check out DC Noise Podcast at: http://www.dcnoisepodcast.com/

Monica's Detective Fausto (English version): http://bolismoni.blogspot.mx/2013/01/bulletproof-03-04.html

Alan's comic The Power Principle: http://powerprinciplecomic.blogspot.com/

Juan Castro's Art: http://juancastroinker.deviantart.com/

Simon Gough's Art: http://spidermanfan2099.deviantart.com/

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