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In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan talked to Jonathan Robinson about his behind the scenes documentary on Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We get to discover the background of what went into making this great film. Enjoy!


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In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan, Chuck, and Jon talk about how to best prepare for getting sketches and autographs at a convention. Then they wrap up with some Firing Range Questions prepared by Chuck. Enjoy!

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In this episode of Star Joes, Jon and Ryan bring back the fan favorite animated episodes. This series of 5 cartoon episodes has a wide range from intense serious tones to complete wackiness. Enjoy!

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Episode 101 - Booyakasha!

In this episode the guys return back to form by getting back to what listeners have enjoyed since the beginning. Chuck is challenged by some past Star Joes trivia. The guys talk about some San Diego Comic Con news. And they delve into the Star Wars Black Series. A great jumping on point for new listeners. Enjoy!!

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In this episode the guys respond to listener feedback and get caught up on the latest issues from the various properties. Chuck and Ryan also talk about the lastest news of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm and what that might mean for the Star Wars franchise. All of this plus Chuck revisits his glory days. Enjoy!!

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The guys finally made it to the officially numbered Episode 25!! And with that of course comes all sorts of problems. Some audio was lost for the closing of the episode, but you'll still enjoy all the convention talk from Super Show. Ryan and Chuck get to talk with their listener Rock for a bit at the show, and also talk with listeners & fellow podcasters Mike and Bill. It's a great time, and in all of it, Chuck discovers a revolutionary product. What is this great new product? Listen to find out!! Enjoy!!

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First Episode Coming

We are excited to bring a new podcast to the world. Check out our "Secret Missions" page to see what we'll cover and look for our first episode to come to you in early January. Look forward to talking to you then.

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