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This page is dedicated to you, our fans. Over the course of the episodes we have had many people contribute to the show in special ways. Some people have sent toys for us to have and review, some have donated their hard earned money to the show so that we can continue to expand and create a better show for you, and others have contributed in ways that we felt needed to be recognized.

This page here is just a small way we can say thank you. Below you will find a list of listeners who have made that extra effort. You will find file cards for each listener. Some file cards were created in their entirety by the listener, and some had their bios created by those of us at Star Joes. But all of their code names, file names, specialties, and birthplaces are 100% from the listeners and fans of the show.

We humbly thank all of our listeners for their support and want to especially thank the contributors below:







For questions on how you can contribute please feel free to contact us at starjoespodcast@gmail.com. Thank you again for listening. May the Force be with you & Yo Joe!
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