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In this episode of Star Joes, Jon and Ryan bring back the fan favorite animated episodes. This series of 5 cartoon episodes has a wide range from intense serious tones to complete wackiness. Enjoy!

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In this extra special, and extra large, episode of Star Joes, Ryan, Chuck, and Jon are back together with a whole crew at Baltimore Comic Con. The group talk about the convention and about the 200 episodes of the Star Joes Podcast. Then in the second half of the show, Ryan, Robert, and Eric give their thoughts and insights to the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. It's everything you could want in a Star Joes episode and nothing you can expect! Enjoy!

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In this episode of Star Joes, Ryan is on the drive to Baltimore Comic Con with Nick, Travis, and THE RETURN OF CHUCK!! They guys do a short recording on the way to the convention. After this Ryan brings back a fan favorite one more time in doing a Previews in a Half Shell segment. Enjoy!

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