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Archive for June 2016

Episode 170 - Marvel Cosmic Part 2


In this episode, Ryan flies solo as he delves back into the universe of Marvel Cosmic. It's been almost 2 years since Ryan covered the first issue of Annihilation, and now he's ready to continue that journey. It's a fun ride for anyone who loves a good space comic. All of this and some Cleveland Cavaliers Championship talk. Enjoy!!

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Episode 169 - Hail Suckas


In this suck-tastic episode, Ryan and Jon are joined by Travis and Nick as they talk about a variety of topics in the geek world. They discuss the controversy behind the reveal in Steve Rogers Captain America #1. They give their thoughts on DC Rebirth #1. They also give their reviews of Captain America: Civil War. All of this, plus they go over Preview solicitations for July and August. Warning: There are plenty of spoilers in this episode on all topics! Enjoy!

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