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Robert and Ryan are joined by Jon Thurmond as they introduce a new show for the listeners. They review the Preview catalog for titles coming out in June or later. They talk about the multitude of Turtles titles, the future of Star Wars at Dark Horse, and visit some Big Trouble in Little China. Enjoy!

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Robert and Ryan are joined by Jon Thurmond as they review the TV sitcom show Community and it's special G.I. Joe related episode G.I. Jeff. The guys talk about how this show did more for G.I. Joe than anything else this year, the awesome side characters, and Annie's Boobs. All of this along with some Captain America: The Winter Soldier talk. Enjoy!

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In this special edition of Star Joes: A Real Animated Hero, Robert and Ryan discuss the entire line of the DC Animated Universe from it's earliest beginnings to its most recent films. They explore and discuss every TV series, movie, and animated short. Along the way they have fun exploring various voice actors and why some installments were amazing while others fell a bit flat. It's a mega episode but it's all worth it for the fun. Enjoy!

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