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Chuck and Ryan get together again to get caught up on comic issues. They respond to all of the listener feedback they have received up to this point including getting into a discussion of "true fans" and "geek bait". They bring back a classic segment with a Kung Fu Grip review. All of this plus information on T-Shirts for this year and a call out for episode 100. Enjoy!!

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After a bit of a break, the Star Joes are back!! This time with a new ongoing show brought into the fold!! Ryan is joined by Robert Atkins as they start to rewatch the G.I. Joe animated series by Sunbow. In this first installment they cover the first mini-series "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" and the second mini-series "The Revenger of Cobra". Join them for this journey through some fun cartoons and find out which Joe the guys say is worth partying with. Enjoy!!

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