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In this episode the guys recorded the voice actors panel at Joe Con. The panel had Bill Ratner, the voice of Flint, and Mary McDonald-Lewis, the voice of Lady Jaye, from the Sunbow G.I. Joe cartoon. They do an impromptu script reading live where you can still hear the characters come to life and they give some insight to some of the behind the scenes that occurred while doing the show. All of this plus a Patton Oswalt rant at the end for your enjoyment!

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In this special edition of Star Joes, Chuck and Ryan are recording from their room at Joe Con 2013. In this episode they are joined by artist Robert Atkins, Dave Draper from Toy World Order, Dave's girlfriend the lovely Cherry Jubilee, and the Illustrious Ken Diesel from Roma Collectibles. The group talks about the fun they had their first days at Joe Con, how the Con could be even better, and how some customers just don't quite get it. All of this plus some fun facts about ducks. Enjoy!!

Toy World Order Podcast: http://www.toyworldorder.com/category/dave-and-devalls-toys-and-collectibles/

Roma Collectibles: http://www.romacollectibles.com/store/

Robert Atkins Art: http://robertatkinsart.blogspot.com/

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In this episode, Chuck and Ryan catch up on the comics that have come out in 2013. They announce the winners from the Roadhouse Nominations for 2012. They also announce the winner of the contest tied into the voting. All of this plus Chuck brings along a "taste from the islands". Enjoy!!

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