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Just in time for all to enjoy during the holidays, Chuck an Ryan bring you another movie commentary. This time they delve into the world of Masters of the Universe with the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special. Have fun listening to them as you watch the special this holiday season (because we know you're watching it) Enjoy!!

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For this special holiday episode the guys are joined by Slick McFavorite and Mrs. McFavorite from Open Your Toys podcast as they walk down memory lane. The group talks about the toys they always wanted for Christmas but never got, their most favorite Christmas morning, and they all learn a valuable lesson....that Ryan was spoiled rotten. It's a great holiday trip, so enjoy!!

Episodes of Open Your Toys Podcast can be found here: http://openyourtoys.com/

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To start wrapping up the year, the guys release various behind the scenes moment from shows in 2012. Find out just how scared Chuck is every time Ryan does the introduction. Learn from listener Jon Thurmond about a Joe issue that never saw print. And hear the guys talk Batman Dark Knight Rises with listener Chris Campbell. It's an episode that truly pulls back the curtain with some great 80's songs in between. Enjoy!!

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