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In this episode the guys respond to listener feedback and get caught up on the latest issues from the various properties. Chuck and Ryan also talk about the lastest news of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm and what that might mean for the Star Wars franchise. All of this plus Chuck revisits his glory days. Enjoy!!

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In this special episode, Chuck and Ryan are joined by listener "Crash" in an interview with Transformers: Robots in Disguise creators Andrew Griffith and John Barber. They discuss the creation and new direction of the Transformers line of comics as well as the new direction of the G.I. Joe comics. The guys then close the show interviewing Crash with his recently published work that was successful through the Kickstarter program. It's an interview episode you don't want to miss. Enjoy!!

Andrew Griffith's Deviant Art Page: http://glovestudios.deviantart.com/

Crash Murdoch's Deviant Art Page: http://www.crashmurdoch.deviantart.com/ 

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