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In this soon to be classic episode, the guys have the pleasure of speaking to the artist on G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Shannon Gallant. The guy talk about his years growing up in an artistic family, discover his G.I. Joe origins, and discover a special surprise awaiting the guys in issue #180. This is an interview you won't want to miss. So sit back, grab a cold one, and enjoy!!

SL Gallant's website: http://www.slgallant.com/

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After the April Fool's episode, and yes, it was an April Fool's gag, the guys get back to format catching up on the rest of the issues from the beginning of the year for Star Wars, Transformers, and Infestation 2. They also talk about what they are excited for on Free Comic Book Day. All of this plus a couple figure reviews. So kick back and enjoy a real episode of Star Joes!!

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No, your eyes and ears do not deceive you. Chuck and Ryan are doing spotlight coverage on Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears!! Both of the guys grew up with younger sisters and these properties were plentiful in their homes, so they figured, why not cover them?? While they are covering a more gentile property, make no mistake, this is not an episode for the kiddies. Have fun as the guys get in touch with the more feminine sides of their childhoods.

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