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Chuck and Ryan were asked to be guests on the great podcast Alt3red Egos. It was a Transformers extravaganza as X, Glen, Chuck and Ryan all discuss the property itself, and dive into the toys, cartoons, and movies. Then they have an in depth look at the comic series done by Marvel, Dream Wave, and currently IDW. They close up covering the first issue of Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye from IDW. So sit back, enjoy, and roll out!!

Check out the Alt3red Egos podcast at their website for other great episodes: http://alt3redegos.com/

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In the first listener response episode of 2012, Ryan and Chuck discuss once again the battle between Snake-Eyes and Boba Fett, collecting comics & toys, and their favorite 80's crush. Unfortunately it will be another year of pain, as the champion of the Star Joes Fantasy Football League is announced. And the guys talk about the various versions of Transformers that have been in existence. Enjoy the total free-flow episode.

****This show was recorded prior to the announcement that the Super Show Convention was cancelled. Stay tuned next episode where we announce where we'll be instead****

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In this episode the guys take a look back at one of the all time classic video game franchises, Mega Man!! They talk about the history of the franchise, what they remember from playing the games, and then they cover the first four issues of the current comic run by Archie Comics. In the end they talk about their favorite characters in the game franchise and close with a song by Kirby Krackle called "Take It From Me" that is a song about Mega Man. Enjoy!!


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