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In this special Halloween themed episode, Chuck and Ryan talk about one of their favorite comedies, Ghostbusters!! They respond to listener feedback, delve into the origins of the Ghostbusters franchise, and explore the huge phenomenon that was the Ghostbusters property. They cover various comics that furthered the adventures of the Ghostbusters team, and have fun with a top five list of their favorite quotes from the movie. So sit back and enjoy!!

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In this extra large episode, the guys get caught up on the recent comic issues, talk about some past shows, and respond to listener feedback. Chuck introduces a new segment to the show. The guys have some intense discussions, and they squeeze in a couple toy reviews. This is everything you come to Star Joes for in one giant episode. Enjoy!!

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That's right, since it seems to be the in thing to do, the Star Joes decided to relaunch their numbering system. This is their 50th episode if you followed their numbering of episodes all the way through. Who would have thought these two could ever put up with each other this long? Chuck and Ryan are joined this episode by artist Robert Atkins as they discuss relaunches of the Star Joes properties, the DC relaunch, Robert's sketch a day project, and they respond to some listener questions. It's definitely an episode you won't want to miss. Enjoy!!

Also check out the project Robert mentioned on the show he is working on with Larry Hama at: www.whoisthecollector.com

His project with Larry Hama is called The Shadow Gambit

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Rather than calling it a blooper episode, this is really more a glimpse into some conversations Chuck and Ryan have before each show (Robert and Val, don't be mad at them. Ha).  You never know what might be said before they start officially with the episode. This includes some short talks with Mike Costa, Val Staples, and Robert Atkins before recording the actual episodes with them. In between enjoy the theme songs to some of the best action shows from the 80's. Enjoy!!

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