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To wrap up the month, the guys are back to comic issues. We find out that Chuck has a new definition for scaling back, and that Ryan long time love for Top Gun. The Joes delve into issues #2 of the Marvel runs of the properties, and they manage to throw in quite a few references from the past. So sit back, grab a cold one, and enjoy!!

Closing music by "No More Kings."

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With some extra time to record before getting back to issues again, the guys decide to respond to some listener feedback. They talk about their dream creative teams for the comic properties covered on the show, how they feel about twice a month comics, and answer the big question...are they really out to get us? Then the guys wrap up the show talking about collecting in general, and how you know when enough might be enough. It's an extra episode this month they hope you'll enjoy!!

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That's right!! It's time to complete that great mid-80's time period of animated movies. Last time Chuck and Ryan brought you G.I. Joe The Movie and now they turn their attention to The Transformers. Have fun as they find out the moment Ryan lost his childhood and the moment Chuck had to show where on the dolly was "The Touch". All of this, plus finding an odd connection to Cobra....no, not that Cobra. Enjoy!!

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