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After some setbacks in planning, Ryan and Chuck return with a new episode where they are actual guests of another podcast. The guys appear on OCD - Obsessive Comics Disorder Podcast as expert guests to discuss the book of the month G.I. Joe: Hearts & Minds by Max Brooks. That's right, someone actually thought these guys were experts on some odd level. Get an in depth look into this title with some fresh new perspectives. Also get for the first time a clean podcast from Ryan and Chuck (don't get used to it). So listen to this calm before the storm that will be the anniversary episode 25. Enjoy!!

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That's right, the "Suck" episodes are back for 2011. In this episode the guys talk about news from Toy Fair, discuss what books they are interested in from Free Comic Book Day, and even have a special guest interview with Quinn Johnson, who wrote for "Tales of the TMNT" and has some other property titles he is working on coming up soon. They discuss the Turtles even more with Quinn and in the end Ryan and Chuck learn that they better never anger each other too much, or they might not like what the results would be. Enjoy!!

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