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Time to jump back into some issues get back on track as Chuck and Ryan have quite a few to cover as part of their award winning podcast. But "back on track" doesn't sound like our hosts, so of course they go off on several tangents. The guys tell you which cartoons they wish were remade for today and respond to a lot of listener feedback. All of this plus the results of the 2010 Roadhouse Awards!! Enjoy!!

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It finally happened. Two podcast universes crossed over as Chuck and Ryan sit down for a chat with Bill and Victor from Exploring the Multiverse. The guys talk about beer, the upcoming Super Show, and secrets about their shows. Chuck and Ryan learn a little more about the ETM's co-hosts Lucas and Mike. Then the ETM guys are put through the Firing Range. It's just a bunch of geeks getting together and talking about whatever is on their minds. Listen in and enjoy the ride. Then for even more check out ETM's Episode 60 for even more with these four guys (and for some of you, see who Chuck and Ryan are for the first time).

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