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With a whole year behind them, Ryan and Chuck decide to honor those creators, comics, and characters that made these shows possible with the first annual Roadhouse Awards (aka - The Roadies)!! The guys wrap up the issues that came out in 2010, and then go over their nominations for the best and worst of 2010. The guys then finish off with their expectations for the show in 2011. I want you to "be nice" and enjoy yourselves while you listen to this great episode!!

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In this episode Chuck and Ryan catch up on what they were up to during the holiday season. They respond to some listener voicemails and listener questions. Chuck claims his title as the Star Joes fantasy football league champ, but should learn what happens when you brag just a little too much. All of this and an amazing interview with none other than G.I. Joe artist Robert Atkins (and yes, this is the real deal). It's a long one, but it's a great one. Worth every second. Enjoy!!

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Well, 2010 has drawn to a close and the Star Joes Podcast has reached ONE YEAR officially today. What do we do to celebrate? Well, Ryan and Chuck are going out drinking and you all get to listen to some bloopers!! Most of this episode is Ryan and Chuck's conversations before they started each recent episode. If you have liked their crazy tangents on the "Suck" episodes, then you're gonna love this. This is the funniest episode so far this year!! Enjoy!!

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