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After much debate in previous episodes, Ryan and Chuck decide to sit down and watch the movie Van Helsing, and you get to come along for the ride. Is this a good movie or not? You, the listeners, can decide for yourselves. It's a fun ride through the world of Universal Monsters as we uncover possibly the true reason Chuck likes this movie...the pretty girls. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy this special Halloween episode from Ryan and Chuck.

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To honor the great G.I. Joe issue, the guys do an episode completely silent...who are we kidding? You can't shut these guys up. Ryan and Chuck discuss their plans for the upcoming Mid-Ohio Con, Ryan explains a bump he heard in the night, and Chuck finds the words to express a recent beating he took. The guys then cover the most recent G.I. Joe and Star Wars issues, cover two action figures that could make your skin crawl, and then finish with a couple top 5 lists to get you in the mood for the upcoming Halloween weekend. It's all that you have come to love about this show, so enjoy!

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Originally planned to be a spotlight on the Thundercats episode, the guys decided to go off the rails and bring another classic "suck" episode your way. No format, barely anything planned out, and just random topic ramblings. Everything you've come to love in these episodes. Hear about Ryan's lack of luck in Las Vegas and Chuck's lack of enthusiasm for an upcoming Infestation. The guys cover several toy reviews this episode and in the spirit of Halloween they talk about their favorite costumes they had as kids. If you love random geek talk from Ryan and Chuck (and who doesn't) then this is the episode for you. Enjoy!

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