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In this episode, Chuck responds to some backlash from the last episode, and Ryan covers the long awaited review of "Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers"...well, long awaited by someone. The guys give their insight on how to best display action figures, and they celebrate Ryan's birthday. Then they dive into the issues to bring everyone up to speed. They do a toy review of the Autobot Drift. They find out that Skullbuster and Croc Master both just needed more love as children. And they end the show on a high note (musically speaking). Have fun listening to this one, folks. It's a long wild ride.

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In this episode, the guys focus their attention on Masters of the Universe. That's right! The special that's been promised for quite some time now is finally here. Of course Ryan holds out the discussion of MOTU even in the episode to torture Chuck just a bit more. The guys answer listener questions, talk about some movies they've recently seen, and figure out if Prince Adam's disguise was really that good. Then they jump into the heart of the episode to discuss their favorite cyborg from the MOTU world. They then close the show with some heated discussion over their favorite sports franchises they root for. It's the arguments you love to hear from the guys you love to listen to. Enjoy!!

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