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In this episode, Chuck responds to Ryan's Blooper Episode. The guys catch up on all that has been happening since their last recording together. They answer some listener questions with several tangent conversations along the way. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero is enthusiastically welcomed into the titles that are reviewed each month. The guys cover a toy review with a figure from Rock's generosity and a figure straight from San Diego Comic Con. If that wasn't enough, find out what breakfast cereals Ryan and Chuck ate as kids, and which characters really should never hook up. It's a jammed pack episode which also includes a couple words from their assassin robot OU812. Enjoy!!

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Blooper Episode - Take 2


It's time again for another fun filled blooper episode. Ryan takes you behind the scenes of what is discussed at the times before the show starts in these never before heard clips. Also get a taste of some other blooper moments from past shows. If that wasn't enough Ryan goes on a rant about the Star Wars universe and provides his top 5 lists of Joe & Cobra characters. All of this without Chuck to attack him about his selections. So sit back and enjoy some Star Joes fun while the guys prepare for the next full episode.

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