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Before the guys return back to form with comics and toy reviews, they decided to revisit an old format of show... the anything goes format. Ryan and Chuck discuss everything here from Memorial Day weekend to food preferences to upcoming video games. They answer listener questions, make a ton of corrections from past episodes, and do a live opening of a package sent in by listener Rock. All this and the guys break down their top NES games they played in the 80's. It's another memorable episode that will become an instant classic for Star Joes. Enjoy!!

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Well, it's the episode you've all been waiting for. The commentary of the film Masters of the Universe starring Dolph Lundgren. Ryan and Chuck have debated for some time now if this movie is any good, and now you'll get to watch the movie with them to decide for yourself. But we warn you, you probably won't hear much of the actual movie while you're watching it. These guys find comments for just about everything. So pop in your copy of the film (you know you own it. Don't lie) and enjoy watching it Star Joes style.

(Warning: For a few seconds the movie stalled out when the He-Man and the heroes first arrive on Earth, but it was only for a few seconds and shouldn't impact your enjoyment of this episode if you are watching the movie along with listening)

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In this episode the guys cover a Star Wars comic in current issues, and finally do some toy reviews on some great Star Wars characters (with one provide by the great listener, Starfighter). They discover the deep past of Ironhide, and explore Venezuela with a classic Joe. All this plus we get some of out first glimpses into the Masters of the Universe world. By the end Chuck starts to uncover what a handful he can be when Ryan gets a little slap happy and goes off the grid. Have fun on this wild ride that you come to expect from the guys at Star Joes.

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