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In this episode the guys discuss the positive changes that have been occurring on the website. Chuck finds out there are some better movies to be found in the year 1987. The guys cover some Joe and Transformers comics. Then they swing their way into Spider-Man realm for a top 5 and top 10 list. Finally they wrap up with the ever wished for return of the Kung Fu Grip toy review. This is a jam packed episode that is true to form in what you have always come to expect from Star Joes...quality entertainment. Enjoy!!

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It's what you all have been waiting for. A chance to win the very first Star Joes Contest. Ryan and Chuck put together quite a package for you, the listener, and in this episode you'll learn how you can win it. It's an exciting time to be a Star Joes listener and fan. Plus you get to hear the guys' reviews of Iron Man 2, their top 5 favorite Iron Man armors, and what the guys like to chow down on when they need food fast. It's a full episode with the added feature of potential prizes. How can you pass that up? You can't, so listen now!!

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In this episode, the Ryan and Chuck are joined by Nick (forum member WoofmanZ). And if you thought in the last episode it took the guys a while to answer listener questions, imagine what happens this episode when three people are chiming in. The guys catch up on all the most recent G.I. Joe and Transformers issues...almost. And they discuss the hottest rides in the world of Star Wars and G.I. Joe. As always there are debates, discussions, and a lot more fun than could ever be put here. Enjoy!!

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