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In this episode Ryan and Chuck provide an all Transformers extravaganza!! They'll discuss some of their favorite cartoon voices, cover the Transformers comics, and discuss their favorite robots in disguise. Oh, and did we mention some Transformer toy reviews also?

Opening music - The Touch by Stan Bush

Closing music - The Transformers (Theme) by Lion

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Here we are. The final 25 in each of our top 50 list of G.I. Joe and Star Wars charaters. Chuck is still recovering from where Ryan placed a character in Part 1. Hear him lose his mind over some characters in this episode. What? You haven't heard Part 1 yet? Well, it's well worth listening to that and then come back here to finish off the list. Some will be happy, some will be mad, but all will enjoy.

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Well, Ryan and Chuck promised a special episode when they reached 100 subscribers and here they are to deliver that special. In a topic too big for one episode, you'll receive part one this week where Ryan and Chuck cover their top 50 favorite Star Wars & G.I. Joe characters (bringing the total to 100). See how they did that? So sit back, relax, and see if your favorites made the lists as they cover their numbers 50 through 26.

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