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Curious about the Star Wars comic "Knights of the Old Republic"? Well, be curious no longer. Ryan and Chuck provide a run down of the characters and stories that make this title so great (too bad it has to end). They also provide a review of some Joe figures and insight into some international characters. It's more of what you have come to enjoy from these guys, so sit back, grab a cold beverage, and enjoy.

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In this episode Ryan and Chuck discuss their shock at the show's international appeal. Chuck provides a summary on the G.I. Joe Ongoing series and G.I. Joe Origins to bring the listeners up to speed (and learn about Chuck's love for the G.I. Joe Origins series). The guys also do a toy review on the DC Classics Joker. Now we start having some fun.

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In this introductory episode of Star Joes, Ryan and Chuck talk at length about their holiday, how the podcast came about, some background about themselves, and their Top 5 List of genres they feel they are most knowledgeable in (they are probably wrong). Get to know the new team of Joes in ways even their families don't.

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